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Our website usage and the license for using website

All the material found on this Internet website is protected by copyrights. Any unauthorized usage of the given materials is breach of Copyright and Related Rights, Trademarks law, as well as other laws and international conventions from the field of intellectual property. The content from this website may be viewed, copied, printed or downloaded only for personal and non-commercial use, on condition that you leave on the copies all the marks containing data on copyrights and other ownership information in the same way as they are found in the original. You also must not change website, reproduce, publicly present or nor use it in any other way for public or commercial purposes. The exception of these rights represents the possibility of concluding a Contract with right-holders, i.e. website owners, or, if the possibility that derogates these rules or that customizes them in a different way is left on the website. If you break some of the stated rules, your permission for using the website will be annulled and you are obliged to destroy all the downloaded materials in any form.

Unless stated otherwise, Viatruck LTD owns all rights of intellectual property on the website and materials, and therefore you have neither permission nor agreement to use these rights tacitly, by rejection or in any other way.

The website view and materials download may be done only for your personal usage, according to the limitations regulated in these terms and conditions.

The content created specifically for you as a website user is available for use only to you.

How to use the website

You must not use this website in any way that may cause damage on the website or harm of website accessibility or harm in relation to any illegal, deceiving or harmful purpose or activity.

You must not use this website in any way that would contain or be connected to spyware, the computer virus, troyan horse, worm, Logger keyboard types, root kit, or any other bad computer software.

You must not perform any systematic or automatic activities of data collection (including scraping without limitations, data mining, data extracting and picking data) related to this website without written consent of Viatrucker LTD.

You must not use this website for transfer or sending unwanted commercial communication.

You must not use this website for any other purposes related to marketing without written consent of Viatrucker LTD.

Access Limitation

The access to certain areas on this website is limited. Viatruck LTD reserves the right to limit access to certain parts of this website, or to the entire website, to provide discretion, users’ safety and secrecy of data.

Viatruck LTD gives you the opportunity to register user’s ID and password that enables you to access the limited areas of this website or to other content or service, and therefore you are obliged to keep your username and password as secret data.

Viatruck LTD may turn off your username and password for harm of any ban of breaking the stated Terms and Conditions, or for any misuse and without any warning or explanation.

User’s content

“User’s content” means user’s data including, without limitations, text, photos, audio material, visual material, audio-visual material you post on this website for any purposes.

By accepting the Terms and Conditions, you allow Viatruck LTD to use copy, customize, publish, translate and distribute your user’s material in any existent or future media. You also approve Viatruck LTD the right to sublicense of these rights (transfer to third person), as well as the right to start proceedings for harming these rights.

Your user’s content must not be illegal, must not break rights of any third person and must not bring to any legal proceedings against you, Viatruck LTD or a third person (in every case under the law).

In the user’s content on the website you must not insert either the content that is or has ever been in any legal proceedings or in a similar complaint proceedings.

Viatrucker LTD reserves the right to change or remove any material posted on this website, or on Viatrucker LTD servers, or which is hosted and published on this website.

Nevertheless the predicted user’s rights under the stated terms and conditions in relation to the user’s content, Viatruck LTD does not oblige to follow the insertion of such content, or publishing of such content on this website.


This website is protected “as it is” without any statements or guarantees, explicit or implicit. Viatruck LTD does not give any statements or guarantee related to this website or information or materials that are on this website.

Nevertheless the general terms and conditions of the previous point, Viatruck LTD does not guarantee that this website will always be accessible to users and that the information on this website are full, true and correct.

Nothing on this website represents, or should represent, advice of any kind. If you need a piece of advice related to any circumstances (legal, financial or other areas), it is important that you consult the appropriate person.


By using this website you agree that turnoffs and responsibility limitations of Viatruck LTD stated on this website are reasonable and accepted. If you do not consider them reasonable, you must not use this website.

Responsibility limitations

Viatruck LTD will not be responsible by any law or in any other way in relation to the user’s content, website usage, or in any other way in relation to this website.

Viatruck LTD is not responsible for any direct loss, for any direct, indirect, special or causal loss; or for any business losses, income or profit loss or for the expected savings, the contract loss or business relationships loss, the loss of reputation or good will or the loss or corruption of information or data.

Other parties

You accept that, as a subject with limited responsibility, Viatruck LTD has an interest in limiting personal responsibility of its officials and employees. You agree that the company will not file charges personally against officials or employees in Viatruck LTD in relation to any potential losses that you suffer related to the website.

Regulations that cannot be changed

If any regulation of this website is not applicable or it is found not to be applicable under the incumbent law, it will not influence the applicability of other regulations of this website.

Change of terms and conditions

Viatruck LTD may occasionally revise these terms and conditions. The revised Terms will be applied to the usage of this website from the day of publishing the revised terms and conditions on this website. We ask you to check regularly this page so as to ensure that you are familiar with the updated version.

Obligation of damage compensation

Herewith you oblige to compensate for all potential expenses of Viatruck LTD, i.e. that you will remunerate LTD for all losses, damages and expenses (including, without limitations, court expenses and any amount of paid by Viatruck LTD on page 3 in solving requests or litigations that result from any breach of terms and conditions by you, from any regulation of these terms and conditions, or which results from any statement that you broke any regulation of these terms and conditions.

Sanctions for breaking terms and conditions

Apart from the stated, if you have broken these terms and conditions in any way, Viatruck LTD may take any action it considers appropriate to prevent from further breach, including the suspension of the account and of your access to the website, it can forbid your access to the website, block your computer by using your IP address, or ask its Internet provider to block the access to the website, as well as file a charge against you.

Separability of the application of regulations

If a certain regulation of these terms and conditions is announced by any court or the authorized body as illegal and / or non-applicable, the other regulations will remain in force.

Management of rights and obligations from the terms and conditions

Viatruck LTD may transfer, make a subcontract or in any other way manage your rights and / or obligations according to these terms and conditions and without notifying you, or receiving your consent.


These terms and conditions are a part of the contract between you and Viatruck in relation to your usage of this website.

The law and litigation authority

These terms and conditions will be regulated and interpreted according to positive legislation of the Republic of Serbia, and all the disputes in relation to these terms and conditions will be subject of the exclusive authority of courts on the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

Registrations and authorizations

Viatruck LTD is a registered economic company. Viatruck LTD, ID number is 175061, address Global Gataway 8, Rue de la Perle, Providence, Mahe, Seychelles.

You can contact Viatrucker via email contact@viatrucker.com and also office@viatrucker.com

Rules of registration and using

- User’s registration:
1. Inserting name and surname, email address, password, password confirmation which marks the end of registration process and you gain the status of a member-user.
2. Optionally the insertion of other data requested by the website according to the needs of registration and gaining the status of an agent.
- If you want to become an agent, it is necessary that you post request on the website and conclude the offered contract, which will be sent by the website, by inserting the requested data and posting electronic signature on it.
- Posting request – calls on offer, according to rules of the website, on the website by the transport purchaser, which refers to the usage of goods transport by the transporter.

1. The purchaser is obliged to insert the following data upon posting an offer:
The requested route of transport, i.e. clearly indicated place of goods download and the place of its delivering, as well as all the characteristics related to the transport of goods, means of transport, way of downloading and delivery of goods, timeframe, i.e. time of goods download i.e. of departure from the place of downloading at the agreed place of delivery, the amount of goods and space necessary for its transport, all necessary marks and characteristics, if they exist related to goods or its transport, as well as the beginning and end of sale (time for posting an offer by a transporter).

The way of contracting a business relation is a direct bargain or auction in the manner proposed by further rules:

1.1. The direct bargain is done in the way that the purchaser of transport, according to the already accepted rules of the website, posts an offer with all characteristics, including the price he is ready to pay for transportation service, while a purchaser answers to the offer and accepts it entirely according to the website rules.
1.2. The purchaser calls the auction in his offer which he posts on the website according to the rules accepted upon the registration.

The auction or posting offers starts at the time which is stated upon posting the call to offer by the purchaser and it lasts until the end of the time stated, i.e. the offer ends the moment after the indicated deadline.

Transporters post their offers according to the rules accepted upon registration on the website.

At posting an offer the transporter sees his offer on the website within the chosen auction which means that his offer has been recorded and forwarded to the purchaser.

The purchaser chooses an offer within 3 hours after the end of auction and confirms which of the posted offers is accepted by him.

The purchaser pays the amount of 3% of the value of the offer the transported posted and the purchaser accepted by paying the stated amount via PAYPAL link or given instruction.

The payment is recorded on the website in a virtual wallet which every user/agent has, where it is further allocated according to the website rules.

Immediately after the provision payment, the purchaser receives the data about the transporter whose offer he has accepted and which are needed for making contract and agreement about transport, which will be delivered to the email of the user – transportation purchaser.

Immediately after the provision payment by the purchaser receives, the transporter receives the confirmation that his offer has been accepted and that his data have been forwarded to the business purchaser and that the purchaser is obliged to contact him within 3 hours from the moment of data delivery, via phone or email.

After assets payment by the business purchaser and delivery of data, the obligation of the website is turned off.

All further mutual rights and responsibilities between the business purchaser and the transporter are only their business and not the website, i.e. the owner of the website or persons who run it and that is what all users confirm by accepting these conditions.

Potential withdrawal from the agreed business by the business purchaser or transporter does not oblige the website or persons running it in any sense, but a mutual bonded, i.e. criminal-justice relation between the business purchaser and the transporter is established.

The evaluation of the purchasers and transporters by registered users as a partial guarantee and the confirmation of quality of users is done by marking business participants by the number of stars from 1 to 5, where 1 is the lowest and 5 is the highest grade, so that all the persons interested can be guided by the stated data when making a decision during and after the auction,

These rules make a part of the contract between you and Viatrucker LTD in relation to your usage of this website.

The possibility of doing business as a website agent

The website offer the possibility of earning to all members who have the status of an agent and that of all business concluded via website and by means of an agent according to the already given rules.

In order to gain the stated possibility of earning, it is necessary that you address the website according to the rules and you will receive further instructions for further actions and gaining the status of an agent,

If you have a status of an agent, you have the possibility of earning which largely depends on your personal effort and engagement, but also on the results of the connected agents and website users and making money through potential bonuses and benefits you may gain due to the results.

The calculation of earnings is precisely posted and linked to the code of agent; it differs by degrees and status, so one person may earn on several grounds, from businesses concluded via the website, related to the potential agents who are registered over him, i.e. his code, or over users registered over him, i.e. his code. It is mathematically clear and set through schemes which are a part of rules.

Scheme 1

The scheme serves a clearer recognition of the system of agent positioning and following the development of the network itself.

Scheme 2

The scheme serves a clearer recognition of the system of agent positioning and following the development of the network itself through a table in the Excel program.

Every agent has a virtual wallet that shows at every moment the state on his account, which is automatically updated when making transactions from the stated businesses related to his code.

The payment according to the agent’s instructions, from the virtual wallet on the account that the agent has delivered is done after the agent’s request and not more often than once a month when the section is made on the level of the whole company.

The amount of 3% of provision which the purchaser pays to the website is the amount from which the earning is paid to the agent i.e. that is the amount used for the calculation of his earnings according to the stated rules and schemes so the stated percent in schemes are applied to the amount concerned. The agent is paid the percent that belongs to him from the stated provision, reduced for the amount that falls off on bank expenses.

Every agent is obliged to submit an annual tax return, i.e. to register tax and pay it according to tax policy whose address is in the place of his residence.

These rules make a part of contract between you and Viatruck LTD in relation to your usage of this website.